100% Money Back Guarantee

You can ask for a refund anytime before your test is booked !!!

(DVSA system fresh booking processing fee of £28 is not refundable, if you already have a valid test booked then you can ask for a full refund, there is no refund option once the requested test is booked.)



Pricing is based on your driving test reference number, which means as long as your driving test reference number is the same, you can change your booking as many times as the DVSA limits allow. If you can not pass your test or cancel your test or change the test date we booked for you or pay again for the DVSA for a new test or to gain more chances to change your test, you will need to re-purchase a service from us as this will require another effort for us, just as you will have to pay the DVSA again(*).


(If you already have a booking from the DVSA, and have a valid driving test reference number and want to find a nearer date or another test centre, autobooking is made automatically)



(If you do not have a booking from the DVSA, we pay £62 (included) to the DVSA on your behalf, spend £38 labour (£28 of this is not refundable) to find and make a fresh booking first and £50 for searching and booking for your desired test slot)


* For high priority searching, please add £25 to all amounts, it will be a separate search regardless of the search queue and the first suitable test sent by the DVSA will be booked for you. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED DURING THESE STRIKE DAYS WHERE THERE ARE SO FEW TESTS (this right is one-time use only)* 

* Isleworth, Goodmayes, Barking, Chingford, Wanstead, Hornchurch and Pinner are hard to find centres and need more time to find (at least 1-month frame) and their price is *£90* if you have a driving test booked and *£190* if you do not have a driving test booked. If you want any of these centres, you can submit your form without selecting any centres and let us know so we can change it to your desired test centre after signing up.

* For ADI part 2 and part 3 tests please add £100 to the above prices.

* For Extended tests please add £150 to the above prices.

* By accessing this website and / or using this service we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use Driving Test Cancellations UK's website and / or services if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

How to Buy?

After making the payment, you will be redirected to the order form page, please do not forget to fill out the form. If you do not submit the form properly, we will never know about your request.

We accept these credit / debit cards. This site is secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption.

If you already have a valid booking and want to change the date and/or centre then select the first option only.
If you do not have a valid booking then select the first and second options together.
Priority searching is optional and suggested.
Sub Total: £0

How many times have you seen this scene?
This is only the number of people trying to get into the DVSA website.

Did you know thousands of people and dozens of bots are trying to find a test each second?
Have you calculated your chance of finding a test for you manually?
Why not leave it to us and enjoy your life?

Disclaimer: No ready slots are sold on this website. We only search for a test upon your request and based on your preferences. We charge only for our admin fees.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you have anything available for XXXX test centre? Do you sell ready tests?

Neither we nor anyone else can hold a test to give it to others, the DVSA system does not allow anyone to do so. We search the system regularly and try to find and book a test for you in accordance with your preferences. Since there are only a few free slots on the system, we can find you a desired slot when someone cancels their test.

We do not keep tests on hold or take every free slots on the DVSA system to sell to others. We only search for a test on your demand and on your behalf, just like you are doing by yourself, but in a more technological and organized way. We do not ruin the system, we are certainly against this. This is just like you do not have time to cook at home and order food from Uber Eats or Just Eat. 

2. How does it work?

Firstly, you will need a test reference number. Either you or we can do the first booking on DVSA web site at a random test centre on a random date, it is not important which centre or how far is it, just book the first test you see (make sure it is at least 30 days away from Today), then send your details to us on this link Order Form (on the top bar menu). With your details we will have the ability to amend it and book a best matching test for you in accordance with your preferences.

3. How long does it take to find me a test?

There is no specific time frame for that, we have to wait until someone cancels a suitable test for you. We can not reckon when this will happen. Sometimes this happens in 10 minutes, sometimes in a few days or weeks. Some test centres are easy to find, some are harder. Some time frames are easier to find, some are harder. We will do our best to find you an earlier date, do not worry please.

4. How do I pay?

Please see the section How to buy above

5. How many tests have you found up to now?

There are many instructors who request us to find tests for their students. We find hundreds of tests for people every day.

6. I am trying to find a test manually but I can't

When trying to enter the DVSA website, you often see that there are around 500 people in the queue just waiting to get into the site. If you can enter the site, there are thousands of people and dozens of bots searching for available test slots. When a test slot is made available, it is booked in milliseconds, so it is very hard to find your desired test. Don't worry, just contact us and relax, we will do everything on your behalf.

No Silly Apps to Bother You
No Silly Apps to Bother You

The so called apps are not real apps running on your phone. We do not urge you to install apps to your phone. We offer real person who listens to you and informs you all the time.


We autobook driving test cancellations on your behalf as soon as possible, just send your booking preferences to our whatsapp line or email address.

No Limits
No Limits

We are not limiting you for a specific number of test centres. The more is better, you can select as many as you want. If you want to search for all test centres in a specific distance to your post code, you can also do it.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

If we don't find a test according to your preferences, you can get your money back. (DVSA system fresh booking processing fee of £28 is not refundable) 

Instantly Notification
Instantly Notification

After your booking is completed, a screen shot is taken automatically by our software. This is send to you instantly not to waste time. Because you may even get a test for tomorrow.

12/7 real person support
12/7 real person support

Our WhatsApp hotline and email address are open 12/7 to provide you with the best support.

Why do I need this?

How it works?

If you ever try to book a theory or driving test on DVSA website, you will mostly find that the earliest available dates are 6 months ahead. So you either have to wait for months or contact us to find an earlier test date for you.

How do we find an earlier test for you?

People regularly cancel their tests for various reasons. This number is more than 5000 per day. When they drop their tests, they are published on the DVSA website for rebooking. Then there are only milliseconds for you to catch that slot.

Here we will try to find and book that slot for you. You do not have to sit in front of the computer and try to click on the screen repeatedly. This is just like you do not have time to cook at home and order food from Uber Eats or Just Eat. 

Just fill out this form with your driving licence number, test reference number, preferred test centres, available and unavailable date ranges and a time interval. That's all. Sit back and wait for us to give you the good news.

What is our difference?
Why should you choose us?

Did you know when you sign up for a service or download an app to find a cancellation, what happens when there are 1000s of people waiting in front of you to find a test at the same test centres? Yes, you get to the back of the queue. It's not your turn until those all in front of you find a place, you have to wait for all of them to find a test.

So why not have the same chance with all others and wait for nobody and start searching for an available test today? 

We have got so many staff to eliminate this situation, and to give everyone the same chance. Also, we do not have any limitations like other providers do. You can select as many test centres as you want. The more you select, the more chance you have for the earliest test.